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Dental filling as a conservative treatment

Dental fillings can restore the original state and shape of a decayed tooth. Your dentist will first remove the decayed parts of the tooth and cleans the affected area, after which the cleaned cavity is filled with the filling material. preventing further decay. A panoramic radiograph makes it possible to detect early decays or those between the teeth that are difficult to notice with the naked eye, as well as underlying decay in old fillings.

Aesthetic filling means a filling that matches the colour of the teeth and functions well in the long run. A wide variety of various makes of aesthetic fillings may be found in commercial distribution. We use cutting edge filling materials at our clinic, which allow for outstanding fillings both in functionality and in appearance. The intervention does not cause loss of healthy dental mass; its application rebuilds the tooth in its lifelike appearance and prevents tooth decay in the given area.

Dental decay has been an epidemic for a very long time, caused by bacteria that produce acids during the metabolism of carbohydrates, and this acid damages dental enamel. This process can be prevented and its spread can be stopped in the initial stages by proper treatment and dental fillings. When we see a decay on the surface of a tooth, it can spread and fully demolish the tooth, which involves pain and possible inflammation and serious sequela.


For the treatment of these problems, there are dental fillings. It is important to know that tooth decay will spread underneath the surface, so a small visible hole may mean an extended decay deep down.

It is good to be aware of the factors facilitating tooth decay in order to prevent it: dietary habits and proper oral hygiene will influence the health of the oral cavity.

If you experience even the smallest irregularity in your oral cavity, be it a strange discolouration on the teeth, or pain or tenderness, it is worth to arrange for an immediate check-up with your dentist because if it is a developing decay, the tooth will need treatment as soon as possible.

With regard to the replacement of amalgam fillings, we take the following view at our clinic:

For new fillings we do not use amalgam filling
Instead of amalgam we use aesthetic filling materials
In case of larger cavities, we recommend other alternatives of tooth construction (inlays, dental crowns)
We recommend the replacement of old amalgam fillings if there is secondary decay next to it
Amalgam fillings may be replaced for aesthetic reasons when the appearance of grey colour in the mouth is disturbing
Replacing well-functioning, aesthetically not obstructive amalgam fillings is not recommended as a matter of course

X-ray scan of humans teeth