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Using an ultra-thin porcelain veneer

Ultra-thin porcelain veneer is a thin covering used on the lip-side of teeth. It is made of a specific ceramic material and has a width like contact lenses, placed on the tooth with a unique gluing procedure to achieve permanent aesthetic correction. It can be applied to the frontal teeth and its greatest advantage is that only a minimum amount of dental material will be removed, thereby the structure of the tooth will be conserved.

It can be used in the following cases:

treating discoloured, spotty teeth
immediate orthodontic treatment in simpler casestreating cracked teeth correcting uneven tooth surfaces
covering permanent discolorationsporcelain veneer for the correction of irregularly placed teeth
narrowing wide dental gaps

It is recommended to patients with healthy gums, teeth with no decay or treated decay, and an even or adjusted bite. Ceramic veneers are suited for teeth with no large fillings. In the latter case, ceramic filling is not the best solution, crowns are recommended instead.


What makes ultra-thin porcelain veneer special?

no need to remove sensitive dental material
pain free
no need for anaesthesia
no tenderness after treatment
it is a gentle treatment: it does not harm the teeth and no inflammation will occur as a result
clinical durability proven by 20 years of use
manufactured by computer-assisted technology with great precision

Video: Pressing technique

Treatment is divided into two sessions: the first visit is for consultation, discussions and designing your new smile. Preparing the teeth for treatment is followed by making an imprint. The patient also receives a temporary veneer.

During the second visit we try on the finished veneers and fix them to the teeth with a special glue. This glue is coloured and can be shaded, where a colour shade perfectly identical with the tooth’s own colour can be acquired.

Patients who grind their teeth or clench their jaws may need a tooth protection rail for use at night. This is a soft plastic protective rail that perfectly fits the teeth and protects the ceramic veneer from the harm of grinding or clenching teeth.