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Tele X-rays, orthodontics
When planning for orthodontics, it is an essential and basic step to evaluate cephalometric projections. When you are preparing for orthodontics treatment, you should know that this type of imagery will almost certainly be required by your dentist. Tele X-ray is a radiograph taken on the side of the head.

The lateral view shows the facial profile and the bones and teeth from a side view. The height and length of the jawbones are measurable, and the tilting of the teeth is visible along with their relation with the jawbones. Teeth are not visible separately in a cephalometric image, they are shown layered on each other, therefore this type of radiograph is not suitable for analysing infections around decaying teeth or roots. This image is made especially for orthodontic reasons. Evaluation a tele X-ray is a difficutl task, and basically constitutes the first step in orthodontic treatment. There are many kinds of evaluation systems and schools. All agree that certain points and lines of reference, and the angles defined by planes need to be evaluated from the image.


Angle values typical of the patient will help the dentist in orientation and designing an orthodontics treatment plan. By analysing these angles, planes and points, the orthodontic treatment can be outlined along with the amount of which the teeth will need to be moved or tipped, or how the growth of jawbones (in childhood) may be influenced so that the treatment results in normal angle measurements.