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We need reliable information for a correct and precise diagnosis and to define the treatment plan. The data we get from a panoramic X-ray is much more extensive than those gained from small dental radiographs, so it is very useful to perform such an imagery. At our first consultation it is necessary to make a panoramic radiograph to get a thorough view of the patient’s entire set of teeth, jaws, parodontium, and facial and nasal cavities. it helps us in designing an exact treatment plan and in post-treatment check-ups and searching for sources of infection. Cutting edge technology and a prepared staff awaits you at our clinic. Panoramic radiography takes only a few minutes with digital technology and provides a nicer, more detailed and more precise image than images made with older, analogue film development technologies. A major advantage is that radiation is a fraction of traditional X-ray images!


Storing images digitally makes tracking easier for teeth and oral illnesses.

Panoramic radiography
An important aspect is that with this technology we can avoid producing hazardous waste and environmental pollution which is present in film developing technologies. Digitally produced images can be viewed by the physician at once, and can be sent to the patient by email or handed over on a CD.

X-ray scan of humans teeth