• Evaluation

    Our patients and dentist colleague gets a precise representation of the patient's dental health via evaluating the oral examination, photos of the intraoral camera, and panoramic radiograms. After this the treatment plan is drawn up, from which our patients gain detailed information on each procedure's duration and its cost.

    • Do not arrive with an empty stomach or thirsty. For one, the anaesthetic may cause a drop in blood sugar, which may lead to dizziness. Also, certain treatments require you to refrain from eating for a certain time period after.
    • Do not take vitamin C on the day before the treatment (it decreases the effects of the anaesthetic).
    • Request a new date for the treatment if you fall ill (temperature, cold, respiratory track diseases), or if you have herpes on your lips.
    • For ladies, the possibility or existence of a pregnancy (Radiograms in the first three months are strictly prohibited!) and breastfeeding is important to note.
    • The dentist should be notified of any persistent conditions and taken medications (e.g. anticoagulants), allergies (e.g. Lidocaine, Penicillin). In case of a drug allergy, always notify your dentist! In case you regularly take medicine, do not suspend its use before the dental procedure.
    • Tell your doctor if you take medicine or if any changes occur to your health.
    • Preferably don't arrive to the treatment in a sweatshirt, as it may prevent the application of saliva neckpieces. Bobby pins and ponytails are also not practical, as the headrest might be uncomfortable.
    • Please bring your past dental records (radiograms), and old prosthodontics. – In case you wish to receive a health insurance invoice of the dental procedure, you will need your insurance number.
    • In case of prescription, you need your social security card.
    • We offer the opportunity, if necessary, to brush your teeth in our bathroom.
    • If you have an acute complaint, please visit your dentist as soon as possible! The disease can get worse, and the duration of the treatment and healing becomes longer with it.
  • dental 05During dental procedure:

    • Please take your clothes and accessories with you to your doctor's office, as we cannot assume responsibility for them.
    • The procedure is preceded by consultation. In case you have any questions about the disease or the treatment, feel free to ask your dentist.
    • In case you feel pain during the procedure, sign this to your doctor by raising your left hand. In case and other problems arise (e.g. too much saliva in the mouth, you need to cough, etc.) you may sign in the same manner.

    Following the procedure:

    If you received anaesthetics, eating is discouraged until its effects wear off (3-4 hours), because you may bite your lips or tongue. – If, after a filling procedure, you feel your filling to be too high, visit your dentist. – If plaque was removed, your teeth may be sensitive to cold and sweet foods.

  • First contact

    Our colleague at the reception is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. This is where we welcome our patients, and this is where personal information is recoded. The coordination of dates for treatments, screening tests and control tests are also done at the reception.

    Following arrival

    after recording the patient's personal information at the reception, each patient gets an anamnesis sheet. This sheet poses questions to their general health and conditions. With particular regard to information which may affect dental treatments and oral surgery.

    Oral care

    our patients often do not come from home, or travel for an extended period. So, we have a separate room set up where they may perform basic oral care tasks before treatment unperturbed.

    Survey of condition

    treatment 10

    the next step is the inspection of teeth, assessment of current conditions. Precise diagnostics is made possible by panoramic x-ray equipment. With its help, all teeth, jaw joints, and the bone and tooth structure of the sinus is seen in one picture. Its importance cannot be overstated, since many of the problems are only possible to detect with the help of this record. As such, we also take a panoramic radiogram on all patients at their first check-up.

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Aesthetic perfection

Oftentimes an injury or the deformation in the shape of the teeth will result in serious aesthetic defects in the smile line. Chipped, damaged or missing teeth are equivalent for many people with the need to hide their teeth and smile.

Aesthetic dentistry is at the forefront of treating such problems. By using the latest cutting edge technology, Dent Art Klinik can restore your smile so that all you need to care about later on is to smile on as many people as possible. To us the most important thing is for you to have an unconfined, full (and perfect) life.