ALL-on-4 fixed, non-removable prosthetics

  • A good quality dental implant placed into the jawbone can be immediately loaded in most of the cases: a shortened temporary acrylic bridgework with 10 crowns may be placed onto the newly drilled implants within a day. Thus, the patient can have a comfortable life during the healing period (3-4 months).
    After the healing period, the temporary bridge will be removed without any additional surgery action and in 5 days we prepare a 12-member full dental prosthetic. The patient is not without teeth even for a day during the whole process and there is no need for a removable prosthetic.

    The process can be applied even if the original teeth have been previously removed and the patient has a removable prosthetic. Then, the removable prosthetic will be converted into a temporary bridgework in order to lower the costs of the treatment. Using such a new method, you can have less costs and shorter recovery time. The costs are also diminished by the fact that less implants are needed.

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     An additional advantage is that the patient can immediately have a temporary bridgework to use.

    The virtues of the method:

    there is no need of bone grafting
    implants are placed right after the tooth extraction
    the patient will immediately have a temporary fixed bridgework
    the temporary bridge is not removable
    costs may be lowered by about 30 per cent as compared with those of the traditional methods

    You may read more information of the virtues of the fixed prosthetics here.

  • Complete drilled porcelain bridge with 4 implants (mandible - lower jawbone) or 6 implants (maxilla - upper jawbone)

    allon4 2Gingivitis has been a widespread disease in Hungary. It is usually influenced by genetic factors but it can be affected by external factors like smoking, improper oral hygiene, neglected or badly elaborated prosthetics. It may lead to the loss of teeth even in young age. If all the teeth should be extracted and the patient does not want a removable prosthetic, he or she is ahead of a long process. It may involve intricate operations –bone grafting, bone replacement, improvement of maxillary sinus- in addition to the use of a removable temporary prosthetic. After a year or year and a half, the final result may be a fixed porcelain prosthetic similar to the original teeth. Due to the dynamic development of dental implantation, nowadays a new solution is available for the patients that significantly shortens the process leading to a fixed prosthetic.

    The construction of the implantation has usually been more difficult because of the maxillary sinus in the maxilla and the nerves near the maxilla which can play an important role at the masticators in which bone losses are significant during the extraction.

    The basis of the new All-on-4 method is that the implants are placed in the front part of the jawbones without being influenced by the nerves or the sinus.

    Video: a showcase of the All-on-4- method

    The core of the method is the placement of the rear implants in 30 degrees wryly and thus creating rear supporting bases without painful and expensive bone grafting.

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