Denture Fixing

  • Toothlessness means that the patient is without teeth on the jaws or that all the remained teeth shall be removed. The implantation in such cases may mean the highest level challenge both to the dentist and the patient.

    Fixing by using mini-implants

    The MDI method is a simple and cost-effective solution for constructing immediate-load, long-term removable denture in the lower jaw. It can provide long-term denture stabilization even in cases where the traditional implants cannot achieve it due to the lack of proper bone thickness. The mini implants are placed by a minimal surgical protocol through the gum without opening and then closing the gum. A part of the system is an O-ring fixing element included in the basis of the denture. The head of the implant looks like a ball and the fixing element works as a case. When the denture is in its place, the ball goes into the fixing case and thereby it is stabilized at a proper strength. After the placement, the denture stands against the mucosal membrane.

    mini implantVideo: Mini-implant

    a one-time and minimal protocol
    a stabilized denture, even using the old prosthetic
    affordable price and immediate load
    simple caretaking
    no need for dental cement
    the ring-appliance prevents the formation of pressure points

  • Fogsorrögzítés

    Fixed prosthetic
    In the front part of the lower jawbone, there will be 4 implants while in the front part of the maxilla there will be 4-6 implants drilled. The implants will be ossified within 3 months in the lower jaw and within 4-6 months in the upper jaw. During this period, the old denture can be used. After the period, we open by a small surgery the top of the implants in the gum and make a cast for the process. The technician produces the metal frame connecting the implants by stays and thus increasing their capacity to loading.


    the frame system stabilizes the prosthetic without any swaying
    the implants support each other and thus can work life-long
    the upper prosthetic can have a shoe form
    there is no need of vacuum and thus the palate remains free
    acceptable heat- and taste feeling
    no need to remove during the night

    there are more implants and longer dental work is needed
    more expensive
    You may read about the virtues of the fixed denture here.

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