Case report

In dentistry, the greatest pride of the dentist is a satisfied patient who happily dares to smile again and can fully enjoy their meals again. Among our case presentations you may view our aesthetic and implantological works, which serve as evidence that even in the most impossible situations we are able to return a beautiful smile to our patients.

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Aesthetic jobs
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All-on-4, non-removable dental implants

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Artist of smile

You have come to us for a pretty and natural smile, and we will deliver at the highest professional level in a pleasant environment with our expert dentists and experienced assistants. Whether you are seeking dental or aesthetic treatment or oral surgery, your health and satisfaction is our top priority. Dent Art Klinik was founded by Dr Csaba Csák and Dr Ildikó Kónya in 1994. Since then, we have treated several thousands of patients from Hungary and abroad at our continuously expanding clinic.

Our main profile is the manufacturing of dental implants, ranging from replacing a single tooth to an entire row of teeth. Dr Csaba Csák is one of the most experienced professionals in Hungary, with fitting more than 15,000 implants in 20 years. Our experienced dental specialist colleagues prepare inlays such as crowns, bridges and prosthesis to be placed on implants.