Case report

In dentistry, the greatest pride of the dentist is a satisfied patient who happily dares to smile again and can fully enjoy their meals again. Among our case presentations you may view our aesthetic and implantological works, which serve as evidence that even in the most impossible situations we are able to return a beautiful smile to our patients.

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Aesthetic jobs
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All-on-4, non-removable dental implants

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Aesthetic perfection

Oftentimes an injury or the deformation in the shape of the teeth will result in serious aesthetic defects in the smile line. Chipped, damaged or missing teeth are equivalent for many people with the need to hide their teeth and smile.

Aesthetic dentistry is at the forefront of treating such problems. By using the latest cutting edge technology, Dent Art Klinik can restore your smile so that all you need to care about later on is to smile on as many people as possible. To us the most important thing is for you to have an unconfined, full (and perfect) life.