Root tip resection

gyokercsucs-resectioWhat is the purpose of root tip resection?

It is a surgical procedure aimed at conserving the tooth and ensuring its restricted functionality. It can be used primarily in the frontal teeth, while in case of molars it is difficult to perform and is therefore a rare surgical procedure. A cyst will not cause any pain, so it is usually discovered when an X-ray is done for other reasons. But lack of pain does not mean that a cyst will not cause problems: the inflammation focus at the root tip of the dead tooth releases bacteria and their toxins to the blood stream, which may cause organ damages or other trouble such as hair loss.

After preparing the tooth for treatment (root canal or replacement of root fillings), the oral surgeon will remove the distinct focus of inflammation from the root tip. The surgery is done in local anaesthesia and involves exposing the upper third of the root tip through a section and removing the infected portion. If necessary, a bone replacement material may be placed in the cavity. Finally, the palate is closed above the surgical area. The patient will need to report for the removal of stiches in 7-10 days, and for X-ray check-up in about 6 months.

The surgery is successful if the ongoing contagion of the bone from the root tip is permanently prevented, and the tooth remains sufficiently stable after the dissection and complaints cease.

Removal of stiches and X-ray check-up is free at our clinic for all oral surgery interventions.

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