Edge cap

Edge cap

ÉlpótlásMost often we get cases after minor injuries where a smaller or larger part of the frontal teeth are missing. There is a quick, simple and aesthetic solution for this problem, too. The enamel covering the tooth is extremely durable but, just like glass, it is rigid, and when it is hit by a hard object it tends to chip. Even the smallest missing part on the tooth is easy to see, so it understandable that people will want to restore chipped teeth. For a pretty, white and natural-looking edge cap, we need to imitate the natural structure of the tooth. For this we need to separately apply several layers of materials with varied colour and translucency.

There is more than one way to replace a missing portion of the tooth, the choice depends on the size of the missing part. It is decidedly a good idea to look for the chipped part because there is a good chance it can be glued back. This is a good solution in children as well.
If more than one third of the tooth is missing, it is preferable to prepare a porcelain veneer, or if all else is ruled out, a dental crown.


Steps in edge capping:

After applying anaesthesia, the dentist removes the unevenness resulting from the injury and any decays or old fillings, then applies a base on the tooth from conditioning and bonding materials. Structuring is done with a layering technique. On the deeper parts, a composite material is applied in the colour of the dentin, and after more layers, the surface is covered by enamel-coloured material to reach a perfect aesthetic appearance. Individual layers are lighted by a polymerizing lamp for the purpose of bonding, after which the bound material is polished.

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