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Bright white teeth have always been a real treasure.

A good impression on our fellow partners has been associated with a net appearance, a healthy smile and beautiful, aesthetic teething. Our dental clinic can satisfy the elevated aesthetical demand by tooth whitening.

Requirements for tooth whitening

First of all, you need clean and undamaged teething that requires a pre-treatment. In most of the cases, professional cleaning and removal of plaque are only needed. However, in other cases teeth need a special treatment before the whitening process can be initiated. The situation is even more complicated after a prosthetic dentistry as whitening can only change the shade of the original teeth. Thus, in such cases, careful planning is needed although it does not exclude the processing of tooth whitening. The essence of a professional tooth whitening is the placing of an active material onto the surface of the tooth or into the tooth that is able to remove by the way of oxidation the pigments responsible for discoloration. By this method, we are able to brighten your teeth without removing tooth material or placing veneer or crown onto your tooth.


There are two basic ways of tooth whitening: in-office treatment and the home (do-it-yourself) approach. The do-it-yourself methods (e.g. whitening toothpaste, tinctures) can achieve slight changes in the colour even after several days of treatment. We prefer the in-office professional whitening process which is able to change the shade by 6-11 grades to brighter and provides uniform white coloured teeth.

The causes of discoloration are among the everyday activities like drinking coffee, tea or cola as well as aging. In addition to those, there are discoloration caused by tetracycline and fluoride treatments, neural disorders as well as treatment of the roots.

The process can be applied in most cases for patients, there are, however, cases in which the process is not recommended therefore the patient should be carefully examined by the dentist. The process is recommended for those who want to achieve quick and intense result by one step. We recommend it for you who can afford the quick process leading to a smile comparable to the smiles of the Hollywood stars. Withstanding the disbelief, the process can be applied in case of elder people as it is not painful and may cause only small discomfort because of gingiva sensitivity. It can be done after deciduousness. There is no age limit and thus we recommend it to everybody who is not satisfied with the shade of his or her teeth.
Some groups of patients are not recommended to apply the process. These are

  • patients with teeth defects either congenital or acquired
  • patients with severe defects in tooth enamel (enamel hypoplasia) without proper treatment
  • pregnant or lactating women
  • patients allergic to peroxide
  • patients with fixed metal braces
  • patients with tooth decay, dental caries, gum tissue distortion, pre-existing gum sensitivity, gingivitis or not properly fitting crown. In such cases, a priori treatment may be needed as the shade of the filling or veneer cannot be changed by this whitening process.
  • patients who are sensitive to light
    Is the process safe?
    YES! Clinical tests and studies underscore that the whitening process using hydrogen peroxide is the safest dental and cosmetic process.