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Using dental jewellery and ornaments on teeth is far from being a modern pastime. We have ancient memories of this practice, for example teeth decorated with precious stones have been found in Egyptian graves. These were probably made to convey aesthetic and financial wealth, social class and a unique appearance.

In recent years, mostly young people have rediscovered ornamentation on teeth and have created a new trend to wear all sorts of dental jewellery.
Dental jewellery used in clinics are fixed to the outer surfaces of the teeth by a special, gentle procedure that can be dissolved without any harm, thereby jewels can be removed if needed without any damages to the surface of the tooth.

The intervention is quick and totally painless. The durability of the dental jewel depends on its location, on the eating habits of the client, and on any irregularities in bite. It will not fall off during eating or cleaning and does not pose any obstacles to brushing, which means it can stay in place for anywhere between a few months and several years.

Dental jewellery will only stick to original teeth and not on tooth replacements. You can choose your favourite jewel from a wide variety of colours and shapes at our dental office, and you may also order unique jewels from our catalogue.