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The first two maxillary central incisors congested, the left maxillary lateral incisor (second) turned outwards – solution: porcelain veneer on the four incisors. They are perfect now.

It terribly irritated me that one of my teeth is turned outward in its place. At Dent Art Klinik they solved it, orienting it correctly.(Vivien)

First two maxillary central incisors discoloured and not similarly sized – solution: direct composite veneer.

A previously performed contouring on my upper right tooth was very visible. At Dent Art Klinik’s aesthetic clinic they solved my problem with direct veneer restoration. (Laura)

One of my upper incisors was way too yellow, and a nasty chip was visible in its corner. During Dent Art’s aesthetic dental treatment they did not only covered the chip via a veneer, they also removed the discolouring! Thank you, doctor! (Erzsébet)

My four upper incisors had a nasty, large gap between them. I’ve been playing with getting it fixed, but just now decided to do it. The solution is a direct veneer to the 4 teeth. Thank you for the pretty outcome! (Katalin)

After curing a bad cavity, my teeth required further treatment. The solution was achieved by filling and direct veneer restoration. (Karl)

They swapped my amalgam filling for a pretty, aesthetic filling. (Nicolas)

I was very unhappy with the colour of my teeth, the upper front four of mine have discoloured. Thanks to Dent Art Klinik’s fast and efficient work, these four teeth successfully gained direct veneer, once again giving my smile a shine. (Hanna)

I always envied the white teeth of celebrities! Before, I thought that whitening is deteriorative, but at Dent Art Klinik they told me that no adverse effects can be observed on the teeth. I have decided, and got whiter teeth by multiple shades within 90 minutes! (Barbara)

There were so many problems with my teeth! My upper two incisors were turned outwards, and there was a gap between them. But I found Dent Art Klinik, where not only the gap was removed with an aesthetic procedure, also plaque and whitening was performed. I didn’t think this would be so easy! (Hilda)

The gap between my lower teeth was my bane for much time now. The gap was successfully removed by direct composite veneer, and my annoyance was no more. (Jan)

My leaning incisor was quite bothering me. My neighbour recommended me the aesthetic procedure to get it straight. In the hands of Dr. Ildikó Kónya, my teeth finally straightened up. Thank you, doctor! (Ivett)

My four upper front teeth discoloured and required filling. They gained composite veneer during the treatment, and my problems were solved. I’d like to thank Dent Art Klinik the fast and professional job! (Elza)

Due to the absence of two of my bottom teeth, the gap was too big. I wanted to have a pretty, closed jawline again. Due to Dent Art’s aesthetic dental treatment this was finally realized via direct composite veneer. My teeth line up perfectly, as if artists designed them! Thank you, Dr. Ildikó Kónya! (Marie)

My upper right incisor has discoloured and was damaged. During the treatment, two of my upper incisors gained direct composite veneer. I only use Dent Art Klinik ever since, as I’m exceedingly happy with the result! (Krisztina)

Dissimilar 6 teeth requiring axis correction – The solution was direct composite veneer, thanks to which my teeth corrected themselves!

Unfortunately, my teeth did not fit tightly to each other. The gap between my upper incisors was too big. Dent Art Klinik’s aesthetic dental treatment got rid of this gap with Lumineers veneer! (Hans)

My lower frontal teeth were too far apart already. I was ashamed of my smile. During Dent Art Klinik’s aesthetic treatment they gained direct composite veneer to solve this problem. (Hanga)

Two of my frontal central incisors were congested, discoloured, decayed – solution: a veneer as thin as contact lenses on four of my front teeth.