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The zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns are justifiably called the latest achievement in aesthetic dentistry; prior to this option, there had been no solutions for such quality tooth replacement that fully satisfy aesthetic requirements as well. Furthermore, it can be used with all kinds of constructs, be it an implant or a crown or bridge placed on the patient’s own tooth, zirconia crowns offer the best options. It is also worth noting its great durability, which crucially effects the lifespan on a tooth replacement. The base material for the zirconium crown is zirconium dioxide, which is called zirconium oxide or zircon these days, although these are not identical to the material zirconium, which is a very strong metal. Zirconium dioxide is a compound of zirconium which is a ceramic, fully metal-free substance, and a perfect choice for tooth replacement due to its strength and colour.


Prior to the emergence of the zirconia crown, general tooth replacement used traditional metal ceramics, involving several disadvantages and requiring compromises. Most of the problems were caused by the visibility of the metallic frame and metal allergies, which are now avoided by the zirconium crown. Another advantage is that zirconium is already white, and has a translucency that makes tooth replacements look natural, another reason that makes zirconium crowns the best choice. When preparing a zirconium crown, the dentist prepares (polishes) the tooth and takes imprints from it. The information on the sample created from this imprint is processed by a special scanner in the dental technology laboratory, ruling out human mistakes, where a computer-guided special turning robot carves out the tooth replacement frame with a precision of a thousandth of a millimetre (this is called CAD/CAM technology). Porcelain covers in the appropriate colour and shape are then placed on the frame thus prepared.

The next steps in completion are the same as with metal ceramics crowns. The perfect aesthetic appearance is due to the matching colours of the frame and the cover material.